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No, ladies, this isn’t the Constance reinterpreted, but a new addition to Hermès’ ever-growing selection of leather goods. If your first thought was, why 2002, well that’s because the bag was actually created in the 70s with a ‘futuristic’ vision of how it should look like in the year 2002. And while it has taken the French luxury house several decades to release this bag, they finally did it early this year in a plethora of colours to choose from.

There are considerable similarities between the 2002 and the Constance. For one, they come in a boxy shape with curved corners around the flap and body. Also, both bags come finished with similar hardware pieces on the top, though the way the strap runs through them is different. In addition, you will find that both pieces open to two accordion-like compartmets that are great for organising your everyday essentials.

Similarities aside, there are key differences between the two. 2002 comes predominantly in Evercolor, a soft calfskin with a fine grained finish that’s supple to the touch. The clasp in itself is also unique, coming with a palladium plated ‘oval H’ that’s more modern-looking than its traditional ‘H’ counterpart. There are also slight variations in terms of size. The Constance comes in 18 or 24 (with the exception of Micro and Elan) while 2002 comes in bigger options like 20 and 26. Either size also comes with an extra zipped pocket in the interior and a slip pocket on the back that’s perfect for the little things.

Know that the 2002 is constructed with a considerable amount of leather (both on the exterior and interior) and requires precise craftsmanship to achieve its shape and structure. Which is why it is priced almost as high as the Birkin, Constance and Kelly, with prices starting at around SGD13,000 for the 20 and going up to SGD14,000 for the bigger 26. Gulp. Still, it’s not stopping aficionados from getting a piece because they are all sold out across in Singapore. But don’t let that stop you. Just head on down to any H boutique and get yourself on the wait list before it truly joins the Holy Trinity.


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