Louis Vuitton Cruise 2019 Pochette Kiragami


As promised, here’s a little bit more info regarding Louis Vuitton’s Cruise 2019 collaboration with Grace Coddington. But because we haven’t received the official pics yet, this wonderful artist impression will have to do. And what you’re looking at above is the Pochette Kiragami set of 3 clutches that are a definite must-buy as far as I’m concerned.

So why should you get this? For starters, each of the clutches come in a different colour, which means you can use them individually depending on your outfit of the day. Each clutch also comes in a different size, the smallest being great as a card case while the largest one should fit the smallest iPad out there with ease. Last and final reason? It will cost you SGD1310, which is a really good deal for this 3-in-1.

And because sharing is caring, here are some of the prices of the other key pieces I’m lusting for. Saw the Catogram Orange Micro Boîte Chapeau online yet? The round coin purse that comes with Grace’s cats Blanket and Pumpkin illustrated onto it? That’s SGD1000. The matching Essential Trunk? That’s SGD1900.

Moving on to the larger pieces, there’s the two-piece Danube (or is it Paname) that’s basically a pair of sling bags that you can wear together or on their own. That would be priced at SGD3600. Last but not least, the Petite Malle that everyone wants, but at the price everyone doesn’t want, but will still buy anyway, that’s SGD7450. What’s on your wish list?


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