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On first look, Hermès’ all-new bag for Pre-Fall (and Fall-Winter) 2018 seems like a lovechild between the Constance and the Cherche-Midi. Named the Sac a Mosaique, the similarities are evident between the three. From the structured boxy silhouette to the hardware emblem in front, right down to the curved edges, you can say that the Sac a Mosaique is an updated version of its predecessors, one that is perhaps even a tad cooler thanks to the visually interesting element right in front.

Why Mosaique, you ask? The pattern found all over the boutique’s floor at 24 Faubourg is also now the clasp, and you access the bag by pressing onto the central block that releases the flap – something new and different from other Hermès pieces that gives it that unique edge. And as with every H bag, you can expect stellar craftsmanship with the Sac a Mosaique, evident in the hand-stitching around the seams and the well-constructed body that carries a perfect boxy shape that will withstand the trends of time.

With double-gusseted sides, two inner compartments and a central pocket, there’s definitely ample room for all your daily necessities. Just like the Constance, the Sac a Mosaique comes with a leather strap that can be adjusted and worn in one of two ways. Loop the straps twice and you’ve got a shorter length that can be worn off the shoulder like a chic handbag, or extend it to its full length and you’ve got yourself a cool across-the-body bag.

No word yet on the Sac a Mosaique’s official launch, but here’s what you can expect. There will be two sizes, a Mini and 21 in smooth leather (think Box and Swift), as well as exotics. And while the exact dimensions aren’t available yet, your best bet would be to chat up your Hermès SA and get them to inform you the moment it lands.


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