Cartier Carat Le Nouveau Parfum


Brands are launching perfumes faster than ever before, offering all a wide range of scents to choose from, which can only be a good thing for those who love switching it up every once in a while. Dior unveiled Joy, while Burberry and Celine both announced that it will release new fragrances soon. Then there’s the highlight of today’s post, an all-new scent from Cartier that’s known as Carat Le Nouveau, an Eau de Parfum (EdP) that’s now available across Cartier boutiques and online at Cartier, which offers free shipping within Singapore, by the way.

Named after what it’s truly meant to do, this scent was created ‘to reveal the carats that shine within you’ with every spritz. Created by Cartier perfumer Mathilde Laurent, the Art Deco bottle is faceted like a diamond, emulating the precious gem’s ability to diffract all the colours of the prism. Similarly, the perfume does just that, evolving from a clear white liquid into a holographic projection (or rather, scent) that comprises seven fresh flowers chosen for the colours you’ll find in the rainbow.


These include daffodil (yellow), honeysuckle (orange), hyacinth (blue), iris (indigo), tulip (red), violet (violet) and ylang (green) that are layered together for a uniquely heady scent that’s bursting of floral sweetness. An ode to light and to nature, one will sparkle and shine while being surrounded by the scent of fresh florals.

Priced at SGD102 for 30ml, SGD149 for 50ml and SGD214 for 100ml, this is also officially the most affordable ‘carat’ one can ever buy from Cartier. One that not only shines, but promises to smell divine as well.


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