#BAGAHOLICBOY SHOPS: Give Baby The Gift Of Hermès


Just as there are 100 reasons why you shouldn’t indulge your baby with designer gear, there are 100 reasons why you should. From the basic ‘because baby deserves the best’ to ultimate ‘but it is so so so cute’, those who prefer not to should just close this page now because coming right up are 5 of the cutest (and might we add, functional) baby gifts one can buy at Hermès today.

Starting with the handy Cavalcolor Nappy Bag (SGD2600) that will put all other diaper bags to shame, it comes i a roomy size of 42 cm by 30 cm. Available in two bright and chirpy colours like Azur and Grenadine, the bag does remind us of a vintage Fourre Tout, only this time coming with a cute horse embroidery in front and a complementary pouch that’s perfect for carrying all your baby essentials (think hand sanitisers, wet wipes and the like) when you’re heading out. And when he or she outgrows it, you can always keep it for yourself. Makes sense, right?


Keep your baby boy or girl stay free from food splatter (and still look fancy) with the gorgeous Petits Felins Bib (SGD370) while eating out. Featuring a hand embroidered motif with the iconic print that’s all about the tiger and a squirrel, this bib comes in two colours such as Bleu and Rose (shown above). And for those of you with kids that’s about to head into pre-school, the Animaux Pixel School Bag (SGD1300) would make for the perfect backpack, one so cute even grown adults will want to use if they could.

For something at home, you can consider the Animaux Pixel Bath Wrap (SGD410) that perfect after Junior has a bath Or, lay it his/her crib for that extra chic look, considering that fact that it measures 89 cm by 89 cm. Last but no means least, a Herpluch Coeval Animaux Pixel Plush Horse (SGD490) that’s basically a stuffed toy. Because which kid doesn’t need one (or more) of those either, right?


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