Acne Studios x Fjällräven Capsule Collection


Hold up, Acne Studios and Fjällräven? An odd combination or a great match? We vote the latter. Read on to find out why.

Both brands hail from Sweden, with blue and yellow (colours of the Swedish flag) shown prominently across the collaboration. Now, this isn’t the first time Acne Studios is collaborating with another label from its motherland – the first was with an emerging jewellery brand from Stockholm, All_Blues. The duo came together back in 2015 to create bracelets and rings that came with a cool, understated edge. Three years on, Acne Studios is flying the Swedish flag even higher, in a rather extensive collaboration with Fjällräven, a capsule collection that comprises puffy outerwear, tees, trousers, and 3 bags that come in Fjällräven’s signature Kånken, only given the edgy Acne Studios twist.

First up, the Durable Classic Bag (EUR180) which measures 40 cm by 28 cm, essentially an update on the popular Kånken 15” laptop bag. The reinforced padded shoulder straps are a nice touch, and the leather top handle and trimmings give it that luxurious edge. Better yet, there are a couple of extra pockets on the sides, proving further that this isn’t just your average run-of-the-mill Kånken bag that you will see out on the streets of Orchard Road.

If you fancy something different, and by different meaning an alternative way of carrying, there’s the Messenger Bag (EUR200), which is a classic Kånken backpack that’s equipped with an extra strap for you to carry across the body. This one measures 39 cm by 27 cm, and is bound to turn the heads of those who aren’t in-the-know, a good thing for the discreet fashionista in you. Rounding up the lot is the Micro Scale Bag (EUR120, shown above) that’s a teeny tiny number coming in at just 19 cm by 15 cm. Think of it as the cool, street version of the Palm Springs bag, in a price point that’s way, way less. It can be carried like a cute clutch, slung across the body, or even like a cute backpack, the choice is all yours.

All three bags come in colours like Deep Orange, Olive Green, Sunflower Yellow and Tarpaulin A/F Blue, so there’s definitely something for everyone. What’s great and something that must be highlighted is Acne Studios’ continued efforts in pushing the boundaries and collaborating with local brands, something that’s nice to see and hear from a growing brand in the fashion industry. Now, if you can’t wait to get your hands on these goodies, Acne Studios offers complimentary shipping to Singapore via their e-store, so shop away and get them shipped over pronto. #lyckligshopping #swedishforhappyshopping


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