Converse X Hello Kitty Collection


Yes, it is time to go absolutely crazy again because Hello Kitty is back, this time with a brand-new collaboration with Converse. Looking set to be released today worldwide (yes, Singapore included), information is scant on exactly when but here’s the where. In Singapore you can expect to find it at all Converse boutiques, as well as online over at Lazada. In the US, you can pick it up via Nike’s e-commerce site (yes, because Nike now owns Converse, remember?).

But back to the line-up proper, simply known as the Converse X Hello Kitty collection. As far as I know, there are 7 styles for the adults, of which 6 are unisex including the two pairs that I really really want. Then there are 4 styles for kids, 4 for infants and a smattering of apparel and bags that could have been better designed. But that’s not the point. The point is if you’re a true-blue hardcore Hello Kitty fan, you have to get the sneakers, which will start from SGD69.90 a pair.

Ok, enough talk. Go call Converse, go stalk Lazada. And #happyshopping.


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