Chanel: Introducing BOY DE CHANEL, The First Makeup Line For Men


Yes, it has finally happened. Men carrying the Gabrielle bag, men wearing the Chanel sneakers; it has been going on for quite a while now. And while Chanel already has a fragrance suite dedicated to the men, they never had makeup. Until now.


Set to be released first in South Korea in September 2018 (because we all know how much South Korean men love their beauty products) before it is rolled out to the rest of the world in January 2019 (sad, so sad), you could say the makeup line is pretty basic. Nothing controversial really, just 3 basics that every man should already be using anyway. I think.


First up, there’s the foundation that will come in 4 shades that’s equipped with SPF properties. Chanel also calls it ‘tinted fluid’ because it is less emasculating, so for those out there who get questioned by the unenlightened, just say the latter. Said to be undetectable (provided you get the right shade, of course) and long-wearing, this is the one I’m most keen on, because God only knows how much coverage (I mean, covering) I need.

Next up, a lip balm. Again nothing scary here, just a clear matte that looks like you have nothing on. Promising to be ‘moisturising’, it is probably the same as the one Chanel already has for the ladies, but in a cooler, more man-affirming packaging.

Last but not least, an eyebrow pencil that will also come in 4 shades. Because I have eyebrows that are darker than your soul (I mean, like really black), I don’t see how this will work on me but I’m certainly game to try, especially if the brush end means I can make my non-existent eye lashes appear. Yay. So, who else is excited for this?


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