Susan Alexandra Beaded Bags

Image: Susan Alexandra

Just when you thought you’ve seen it all with alternatives like bamboo basket bags and PVC shoppers, woven beaded bags are going to be the next big thing both on the streets and on Instagram. And while London-based brand Shrimps was one of the first few brands to do beaded handbags, they are either a) constantly sold out or b) a bit too simple design-wise, so here are some from Susan Alexandra that you could definitely consider. Aside from being more affordable (Susan’s bags don’t come with an inner lining), there are loads to choose from like funky fruity shapes to bright multi-coloured variations.

Before going into the bags proper, know that Susan Alexandra does offer shipping internationally from their online shop, but that will be an extra USD100 to get it shipped over to Singapore. An alternative? The selection from Shopbop which offers free express shipping on any order above USD100.

Image: Susan Alexandra

Brighten up your outfit with the Watermelon Dream Bag (USD185), a cute size that comes in at 25 cm by 16 cm to hang perfectly under the elbow. A bigger but no less ‘fruity’ version would be the Ma Cherie Bag (USD289), which comes in your standard tote size adorned with a trio of beaded cherries dangling from it. Or be the star of the party with a multi-coloured Ash Bag (USD265) that measures 21 cm by 19 cm, a perfect complement to a bright and chirpy outfit.

Proudly made in the USA (in Manhattan’s Chinatown, to be exact), these are fuss-free bags that won’t hurt the wallet but promise to give you oodles of fun. What’s not to love?

Images: Susan Alexandra

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