Nike X Off-White Air Presto Black & White


When Nike first collaborated with Off-White in what was known as The Ten, the Internet went crazy with prices reaching almost ten-fold on some styles because it was a truly limited collection. The rest, as they say, is history.

Until now. Nike has picked up the pace and introduced all-new colour combinations in larger quantities that differ slightly from the original 10 released back in 2017. Up next in the pipeline? Monochromatic (well, almost) versions of the Presto that are pretty good lookers coming in either Black or White. Both pairs feature ‘inside-out’ details like the exposed seams as well as an addition of a white swoosh embroidered on the exterior. There’s also something about the exposed shoe tongue that looks way comfy, with the cushioned foam showing off its insides.


If you’re keeping an eye out for both pairs, the good news is that each of them will have a different launch date, so you better sit up and slot the dates into your calendar. 27 July 2018 for the Black Presto, with the White Presto slated for a release a week later on 3 August 2018. And while the Nike x Off-White Air Presto sneakers are not reflected on Nike SG’s launch calendar page, The Ten page has been updated  with pictures of both pairs along with the their respective release dates. Which should also mean they will be made available on their online store come 27 July and 3 August respectively.

As far as prices go, you can expect the Nike x Off-White Air Presto to retail at around SGD250 or so considering it has a global indicative price of USD160/GBP120. That’s if you can get your hands on a pair at retail. Or else, you can always consider Carouhell which should be flooded with listings of the sneakers on July 28 and August 4 for both colours respectively.


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