Hermès: Visit #HermesAvecElle In Tokyo


Hermès calls its latest avant-garde exhibition, ‘A Movie Shoot Experience’, but is in fact so much more. It’s also about discovering the mysterious lead in this ‘film’ that was dreamed up by Bali Barrett and Nadège Vanhée-Cybulski, both of whom are artistic directors at the French luxury house along with filmmaker Laure Flammarion.

Walking in, you are immediately witness to a sprawling movie set that stretches over almost the entire second level of the National Art Center in Tokyo. And because Hermès would prefer that you are fully immersed in this experience, you would play an ‘extra’ in this film during your visit, as you move from set to set, each more awe-inspiring and wonderful than the last.


And with admission being free for all visitors till 30 July 2018, you should first book your slot online before heading down. From sets as intimate as a modern apartment to another that literally has the entire sea before you, you will be walking around with your jaws wide open. What’s this? Why are we on a roof? Wait, are those really lush green climbers all over the brick wall? Trust me, I was witness to it all and it was mind-blowing.


#HermesAvecElle is also the celebration of Hermès’ womens universe, and you’ll be seeing many pieces from their upcoming Fall-Winter 2018 collection. From RTW worn on the actors themselves to racks of clothes hung on the racks of the set’s ‘changing room’, you’ll also be busy spotting bags and SLGs, accessories and shoes, even scarves of all types that’s signature to Hermès.

In other words, if you are already a huge fan and heading to Tokyo before the end of the month, please book your entry slots before everything gets reserved. And witness for yourself the magical world that is Hermès that in this day and age is still about telling a story and making your experience memorable, instead of just selling you more products. Though honestly, after this, you’ll probably be wanting even more pieces for your own collection.


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