Hermès Silk Twillon


Imagine this. We all know long is good, but when it is too long and too thick, it could also become a problem. Which is why the new Silk Twillon from Hermès is just right (no seriously, what did you think I was implying?). Much longer than the Twilly but narrower than your Maxi Twilly, the 193 cm by 3 cm printed silk twirl is perfect in so many ways.

You could wear it like a casual necktie or in your hair. Want to give your bag an overhaul and change the sling into a silk one? This could be it. Or just use it to twirl it around your bag’s handles, especially useful if the handles are slightly longer. Just don’t use it to strangle your boss because it would just be a waste of this beautifully printed silk.

And while there’s no word yet on the exact release date (we heard September 2018) or the expected retail price (it should be priced somewhere between a Twilly and a Maxi Twilly, so maybe around EUR200?), you should instead decide on the colour and design first (because you’ll definitely be spoilt for choice) before checking in with your Hermès SA for more information.


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