Dior Icons: The Diorama


The Diorama made her debut at the French luxury house just over 4 years ago, coming in a compact flap bag silhouette that soon found acclaim as the every girl’s city bag. And with a debut that came in a multitude of finishings, it was no surprise that the Diorama became as well-known as it is today, slowly but surely sealing its status of being an iconic bag. Today it comes in a wide array of variations and classic pieces featuring colours each more alluring than the last.


Available in one of two sizes, the classic Diorama measures 25 cm by 15.5 cm, with the Small coming in at 21.5 cm by 13 cm, for those who prefer a bag that’s a tad bit smaller. The signature feature of the bag lies in its crest-shaped metallic clasp right in front, with the other being the above-mentioned motif that can be found on both the front and back of the bag.

With a single compartment that prevents the bag from looking overly bulky at the sides, every Diorama bag is equipped with a chain strap that allows one to wear the bag long or short. And for Fall 2018, Dior introduces the So-Black edition of the Diorama that’s literally black on black on black. In calfskin with the hardware treated with what Dior calls the Ultra Black, this particular one will suit ladies looking for a tone-on-tone bag that’s chic, minimal and sleek.

Images: Bagaholicboy & Dior

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