Cartier Panthère Lovée


A timeless icon that’s wild yet elegant, the panther has been a mainstay at Cartier for the longest time, ever since this majestic beast first made an appearance in 1914 on a wristwatch that was designed with a spotted panther motif. Over time, it has appeared extensively, in pieces that include bracelets, brooches, earrings, necklaces and rings, coming together in a collection known as Panthère de Cartier.

And what you’re looking at now is Panthère Lovée, the latest addition to this fine collection. Jewellery pieces under the Panthère Lovée range are identified by a panther that’s leaping forward and feature an open design that makes it easy to wear. While 2017 was all about pieces that came only in white gold, the collection has been expanded further this year to include all-new variations in pink and yellow gold that are equally, if not more alluring.

Starting with the bracelets, there are two to keep an eye out for, coming in either a 18k yellow gold or 18k pink gold body. The Panthère de Cartier Bracelet (SGD41,200 for either colour) comes flecked with black lacquer and features two tsavorite garnets as the panther’s eyes along with an onyx muzzle. Simply lift the closing clasp behind the panther’s head before slipping it over your wrist. Available in a variety of sizes (15 cm, 16 cm, 17 cm and 18 cm), you’ll easily find a suitable size to stack perfectly amongst your other Cartier bracelets.


The rings, on the other hand, feature half a panther’s body and are simply known as the Panthère de Cartier Ring (SGD10,500). Like the bracelets, they come flecked with black lacquer and are adorned with tsavorite garnets and onyx with sizes ranging from 46 to 58. If, however, you’re all about the bling, one particular ring is guaranteed to make your eyes water. Encrusted with 264 brilliant-cut diamonds totalling 1.7 carats and finished with emerald eyes, it is priced at SGD52,500. #meow


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