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It is said that whatever Ms Beckham posts on Instagram, it sells. So it should come as no surprise that her new bag, this little leather number known simply as the Eva Bag, will probably have the same success as its predecessors. Composed mainly of smooth calf leather and adorned with the most minimal of details (tiny logo font details, polished gold hardware), it is, at first glance, a really sleek and sexy number, and definitely something most women wouldn’t mind having slung over their shoulder.


My only problem is how much it looks like those iconic bags from that French luxury house that had its much-loved designer leave recently. The general shape of the bag, the way the flap is curved, even the gold-tone clasp right in front seems like a hybrid, albeit a really good hybrid, of the Classic and the Trotter. Or am I just overthinking it?

Measuring 22.5 cm by 17 cm, the Eva Bag has a depth of about 6.5 cm, with two internal compartments that will help you organise everything you need neatly within. Lined in lambskin, it will come in four gorgeous colours, Black, Brick Red, Camel and Dark Green. And if you’re still on the fence on this one, how about this parting piece of information. Unlike the Classic that retails for some SGD5600, this one will only set you back by SGD2370. What say you?

Images: Victoria Beckham

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  • FT says:

    Yes I guess it’s better to stick to the ‘real deal’ after all, it’s too pricey for a fun bag. Thank you BB!

  • FT says:

    What about the quality, BB? I haven’t been able to see VB ones in person. I have the Box in black, and I want another in camel colour and this is a nice substitute because Celine is getting so pricey.

    • Bagaholicboy says:

      Honestly, for this price, I wouldn’t expect the quality to be top-notch. And you know what they say, you do get what you pay for? But if you want something fun, why not, right?

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