Pre-Fall 2018 Mens Louis Vuitton: Monogram Shadow


You’ve found Vivienne, fell in love with the bold and bright neon #MonogramUpsideDown, so what’s next, you ask? Well, something new under the Pre-Fall 2018 range for men would be Monogram Shadow, an all-new range that’s pretty much perfect for the discreet individual. A nice contrast to the relatively bold Monogram Canvas options the label is famed for and a quieter alternative to the cute (Vivienne) and neon-bright (Monogram Upside Down) collections.

Monogram Shadow comes in an all-black finish, from the hardware to the straps (if any), right down to the leather trims and monogram printed leather body, creating an illusion that’s ‘discreet as shadows’ as the name suggests. Even though the pieces under the Monogram Shadow range come in a lush and soft calfskin, the prices don’t differ much from its canvas counterparts, which can only be a good thing.

The Pochette Apollo Monogram Shadow (SGD1190), for example, is priced exactly the same as the Pochette Apollo Monogram Eclipse Vivienne. The Danube Monogram Shadow, on the other hand, is priced just slightly higher at SGD2510, while the Discovery Backpack Monogram Shadow comes in at SGD5300, both great buys considering they are in full calfskin leather.

Two other new bags that make an appearance would be the Speedy 40 Monogram Shadow (SGD4550), a compact version of the popular men’s favourite, Keepall, and the Tote Monogram Shadow (SGD3900) coming in a relaxed silhouette that’s perfect for carrying on-the-go.

Before you go, don’t forget to take a look at the cute Animals pieces, either of which makes for the perfect accessory. Choose between the Animals Bag Chain Tiger (SGD590) which comes in a gorgeous mix of leather or Monogram Canvas or the Animals Monogram Pocket Square Dog (SGD210) that’s another charmer. And if you do need something on your wrist, do consider the Chain Bracelet Monogram Eclipse (SGD430) that will complete your outfit nicely.

Image: @admgng for Bagaholicboy

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