Prada Yoga Mats


There are run-of-the mill yoga mats that you can get easily (and cheaply) from Decathlon or Qoo10, and then there’s this upscale and posh version from Prada that truly takes the cake. Sure, this isn’t the first designer yoga mat ever, but when it comes covered with Prada’s signature floral print, consider us sold.


Coming in 2 designs, each 180 cm by 61 cm mat comes in either florals (3 colours) or another Prada signature, their banana print. Priced at SGD680 each, choose from a Light Blue, Military Green or Red for the florals while the banana print only comes in yellow. Naturally.

It’s perfect for flaunting to your ‘snarky’ yogi who loves carrying all her Lululemon gym gear, water bottles, and fancy props to the studio. Just roll the waterproof mat over and throw on that fabulous quote from White Chicks. ‘It’s not just a mat (bag), it’s Prada.’

Images: Prada

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