Best Made Company Foldable Wood Desk Set


Ok, so this isn’t exactly a bag per se, but because it does hold something within, technically it should be classified as one. Confused? Don’t be. From Best Made Company comes a stunning foldable wood field desk set that’s finished with brass and leather. Perfect for those love to illustrate, paint or even write while on the go, the briefcase-like cherry wood opens wide and transforms into a ‘desk’, with beautifully carved small compartments and trays good for holding all your creative essentials.

Furnished with its own detachable leather sling, this beauty measures 38 cm by 29 cm, which is a great size without getting too cumbersome. Priced at GBP1400 and available via Mr Porter, this ain’t exactly the most affordable portable ‘desk’ you’ll find on the market today, but think of it this way. When you eventually win your Pulitzer Prize or become the next Vincent van Gogh, it would certainly be worth it, right?

Image: Mr Porter

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