Pre-Fall 2018 Mens Louis Vuitton: Monogram Upside Down Ink


It’s been about a week since Louis Vuitton’s Pre-Fall 2018 pop-up for men launched at ION Orchard, with one of the highlights being #findvivienne, the adorable doll that appeared on everything from RTW to SLGs and Bags, which you can read about over here.


The other highlight (no pun intended), would be the Monogram Upside Down Ink collection that features the LV logo with a bright coral pink border. Looking a tad like Monogram Savane but without the crazy animals illustrated by the Chapman brothers, the most eye-catching feature about this new line is that upside down LV logo.

And like #findvivienne, there are many pieces to fall for, starting with the Pochette Apollo Monogram Upside Down Ink (SGD1430) that measures 34 cm by 25 cm. A great size for work or play, it can even comfortably hold an iPad so it is truly more than just a great looker with no depth. Moving on to the Danube City Monogram Upside Down Ink (SGD2490), this cute little number looks great over the shoulder or across the body, with the silhouette very much on trend since its resurgence in the Supreme collab some seasons back.


And then there are the backpacks, which comprise the Apollo Backpack Monogram Upside Down Ink (SGD3500) and the Discovery Backpack Monogram Upside Down Ink (SGD4700). The latter is an interesting piece because it features a sportier silhouette that’s very much inspired by trekking gear. Unlocking the hook unveils a drawstring closure system that’s roomy enough for all the barang barang you will need on the weekends. The fifth would be the Keepall Monogram Upside Down Ink (SGD3250) that’s a barrel of joy, coming in at 50 cm wide.

Accessories-wise, you can expect the cool Monogram Upside Down Ink Square (SGD840) that makes for a cool scarf or bandana. There’s also the Voyager Monogram Upside Down Ink Belt (SGD790) that comes in a length of 85 cm and adjustable up to 4 holes. Last but by no means least, the Multiple Wallet Monogram Upside Down Ink (SGD810) is a statement piece that’s guaranteed to turn heads when you’re taking it out to pay the bills.

All pieces from the Monogram Upside Down Ink range come with the bright and bold coral pink hardware, which stands out beautifully against the dark canvas. Coupled with the upside down logo, this is one range you shouldn’t miss out on if you’re a true blue (again, no pun intended) fan of the Parisian label.

Images: @admgng for Bagaholicboy

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