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It’s funny how I remembered things differently from actual reality, for which I blame my old age and poor memory. Case in point, thinking that I already had covered the Toolbox on this blog before, I never saw the need to revisit it since it has pretty much remained the same since the day it was launched. The reality? A quick search (yes, the search box is at the bottom of this page) reveals nothing. Zilch.

Which brings us back to the present with this. Yes, this is the Toolbox. Aptly named because it does look like a tool box workmen use, where the opening gapes open to allow for easy access to the tools contained within. The same applies for Hermès’ version, where you unclasp the lock on the top and open both sides to reveal the interior where there are 3 patch pockets within. Finished with a pair of top handles, the Swift leather beauty is as adorable as it is functional, especially when it comes in the 20 (which is around 20 cm by 20 cm).

There’s also a shoulder sling, which is always useful. The only catch? While it isn’t as sought-after as her more iconic siblings, the Toolbox20 (USD7650) isn’t as common as it could be either, with the ones displayed on shelves either not for sale or coming in a colour (and size) that isn’t so appealing. But don’t let that stop you from keeping your eyes peeled every time you pass a H store, because you might just chance upon a Toolbox20 (yes, it’s the cutest one in my opinion) in Feu (who doesn’t love a good orange), Noir (always a safe bet) and even Vermillion (that nice deep dark red).

Image: Hermès

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