Hermès Cologne Eau de Citron Noir


Translated, Eau de Citron Noir means black lemon water, which isn’t exactly appealing to think about, especially when it comes to fragrances. But because this is also a new scent from Hermès created by house perfumer Christine Nagel, one should always expect the unexpected.

Starting off with a generous blend of zesty notes from various citrus fruits (think Eureka lemons, finger limes and kaffir limes), it winds down to the sexy smoky notes known as black lime. Created by boiling lime in salted water that’s then dried for weeks under the sun to take on a deep brown colour with a smoky aroma, the end result is a unique balance of freshness from the citrus fruits and the smoky notes from the black lime. In other words, the perfect scent to wear from midday to midnight.

And as colognes are generally lighter in fragrance oil concentrations, it’s a scent you can keep refreshing yourself with. Which is also why the Eau de Citron Noir comes in 3 sizes that range from the handy 50 ml (SGD133) to the bag-friendly 100 ml (SGD183) and the largest of them all, the 200 ml bottle. All of which are now available at selected Hermès boutiques and department stores across Singapore.

Image: Hermès

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