Rolex Oyster GMT-Master II


They’re big, bold and definitely beautiful. Yes, you’re feasting your eyes on the new GMT-Master II timepieces from Rolex that were just unveiled at #BaselWorld2018. Comprising a trio of different ‘colours’ that are all priced really differently, here’s the biggest question. Would you go for the 40 mm Oystersteel one that’s affectionately known as the ‘Pepsi’ (SGD12,430), the massively ‘bling’ gold on gold Everose ‘Root Beer’ that’s priced at SGD49,370 or the one that’s not only the most unique, but easier on the wallet as well? Still more expensive than the ‘Pepsi’ one, it is still way more affordable than the one in full gold, with the Oystersteel/Everose variation (far right) coming in at SGD18,920.

Then again, who are we kidding. It’s not even really about what piece you want. The question should instead be even if you want one, would you even be able to get it since their wait lists are a legendary 12 months at a minimum. Sigh.

Image: Rolex

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