Gucci Ophidia GG Supreme Small Belt Bag


No, your eyes aren’t playing tricks on you. You’re not old either, but you could say that old is truly new again. Yes, guys, this isn’t a vintage piece from Gucci like the one from Dior I found recently (again, if I’m confusing you, just click here). This is instead a brand new reissue of archive pieces that you’ll still find at most reputable reseller sites today.

Known as the Ophidia GG Supreme Small Belt Bag, it has most everything the original had, from the GG logo on a little plaque to GG Supreme coated-canvas, and even the canvas webbing is an ode to the vintage pieces made at Gucci way back then.


So why not buy the original instead of this, you ask? Well, for one, you’d be hard pressed to find one in pristine condition, and even if you do, chances are while the exterior could be decent, the insides would probably be peeling and falling apart. The hardware could be badly tarnished, the zipper pulls might not work smoothly, I could go on and on, so it’s really easier to just get this brand new.

Another reason? Measuring just 18.5 cm by 13 cm, it is also rather reasonably priced at around USD800 over on NET-A-PORTER. Wear it around your waist, or across your body that’s so street these days and you’re go to go. A word of advice though, the accompanying belt does come in 3 different sizes (75, 85 and 95), so make sure you get the longest one if you want to sling it over the chest. Coz it’s cool like that.

Images: Gucci

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