Chanel S/S18 PVC Flap Bag & Shopping Tote


Yup, that’s right, here’s more #plasticfantastic bags as far as the Spring-Summer 2018 season is concerned. You’ve already seen crumpled leather and pvc ones from Chanel (along with some from Céline and Valentino), but here’s a classic that’s been reimagined. Adorned with differently coloured panels of pastel PVC is the Flap Bag, along with its much larger (and more functional) sidekick, the Shopping Tote.

So what is Chanel exactly proposing this season? Well, for one, it’s a good way to weather those April showers in style, because you needn’t be worried if you’re caught in a sudden downpour. But more than anything else, having a completely see-through bag (or bags, in this case) makes you have to edit your personals inside better. No more 293 receipts you don’t really need, 5 extra packets of half-used tissue, random sweet wrappers that were forgotten deep inside your bag. In other words, these bags force you to keep the interior of your bags spick and span, which is always a good thing. Yes, you slob, I’m referring to you.

And because their sizes vary, so will the prices. The Flap Bag, for example, comes in at least 2 sizes, a 28 cm by 15 cm and a 22 cm by 12 cm, which are priced at SGD4200 and SGD3780 respectively. As for the Shopping Tote, it also comes in 2 sizes, a much larger 45 cm by 40 cm and a smaller 39 cm by 30 cm.

Both styles come with leather inserts/pockets sewn into the bag, so there is some leather as well. Priced at SGD5700 and SGD5360 respectively, these, along with the Flap Bag ones, should already be at our local boutiques by now. But get them only if you are really set on organising the contents of your bag on an almost daily basis, or just stay a slob forever. Your choice.

Image: Chanel

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