Chanel S/S18 Handbag Raincoat


You know the scenario. You buy a fancy new leather handbag that costs thousands of dollars, and like everyone else, you are eager to bring her out for a spin around town. You check the weather reports, it looks promising and off you go. The moment you get there, however, the sky turns dark almost immediately and it starts to rain. Not just a light pitter-patter, but a tropical downpour. You’re still crossing the traffic junction, and even though you’re running faster than Usain Bolt, your brand new leather handbag is wet. Not completely soaked, of course, but wet enough to cause you enough distress for the rest of the month.

So what can you do, especially with Singapore’s weather being exactly as described of late? Well, you can always make sure you have a supermarket plastic bag with you (no, seriously), an umbrella you can whip out fast enough (likely not) or always be sheltered when freak rainstorms happen (no, not happening).

Or you could just pick up Chanel’s latest S/S18 offering, a PVC raincoat with trimmings of calfskin, grosgrain and little metal studs made to resemble buttons. Because when it rains you’ll either have a brolly or raincoat on hand, so why shouldn’t your expensive leather handbag have one too? Besides Chanel bags, this raincoat will fit most any other bag that comes with a top handle (you just slip it over like a tee). And if you still think that SGD820 is expensive for something like that, think of it this way. You’ve spent thousands more on a new bag, but you’d rather risk it in this unpredictable weather of late than to get it protected? Why?

Image: Chanel

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  • Maureen Wilson says:

    Why haven’t I been offered an opportunity to buy the Chanel handbag raincoat? I have bought a number of Chanel bags and I can’t don’t know where to buy one now.

  • aqila says:

    I just bought mine in London and I love it…

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