Chanel ‘Coco Chanel’ 1000% Bearbrick


I’m pretty sure I’ve blogged about this particular Be@rbrick before, but because there’s a single piece in mint condition that’s now available in Singapore, I felt the urgent need to tell you all about it. Launched back in 2007 (that’s over a decade ago, by the way), only around 1000 pieces were made for the Love Is Big, Love is Bearbrick charity event in aid of the Hong Kong Blood Cancer Foundation. And a quick online check reveals one was recently sold for some USD35,000. Gulp.

A couple more popped up as display pieces at selected Chanel boutiques, and while most of them will be in grubby condition by now, Singapore’s very own The Fifth Collection now has one in stock. Known for their expertise in ‘world-class vintage fashion’, you should jolly well email them, DM them or whatever else it takes to find out more before it disappears once again. You think unicorns are rare? This is rarer. Really.

Image: Chanel

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