Céline S/S18 Delivery Sneaker


Consider this Phoebe Philo’s final contribution to the ongoing ugly ‘Dad’ sneaker trend that’s currently gripping the fashion world, albeit with a difference, of course. Yes, it’s chunky, yes, it’s oversized, but it is hardly ugly. I mean, just look at it, a simply styled leather sneaker that although sports a thicker-than-normal sole, still somehow manages to look elegant, which isn’t exactly the easiest thing to achieve once proportions are exaggerated.


Priced at SGD1350 and available in our local stores really soon, this vegetal calfskin sneaker that’s finished with the thick rubber outsole with a splash of lilac on the sole might just help you put your best foot forward and forget about the huge loss regarding her departure in the days and months to come.

Images: Céline

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