#BAGAHOLICBOY Shops: 12 Slides To Slide Into


Let’s face it, there’s no way your man is going to stop wearing slippers (flip-flops) in Singapore, since they are quite literally the easiest things to slip into. But because they are the bane of your existence (especially when they become all stringy and worn), here’s a compromise.

Yes, we’re talking about rubber slides that every one from sportswear to high street and even luxury houses have started to offer, and the choices are truly mind-boggling. Case in point, just check out the 12 pairs shown above, all of which are now available via Mr Porter. From the affordable, entry-level Nike slides (GBP22) to the most expensive pair of the lot (that would be Balenciaga at GBP435, but to be fair they are also made of leather not rubber), there is truly a pair for every budget.

So dump his flip-flops, pick a pair from the selection above and pray that he agrees with you. But if he starts wearing slides with white socks under a pair of jeans, please accept our condolences and know that it isn’t our fault either.

Image: Bagaholicboy

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