NET-A-PORTER: 3 Investment Bags To Buy Now


It’s interesting but it’s true. While I’ve always been the one advising you on your next great big bag buy, I decided to turn the tables and reach out to you guys for this one. The question? If you had to pick one investment bag to buy from NET-A-PORTER now, what would it be, and why? And the results? Out of the 3  ladies polled, all 3 were classics in the same colour. Black.

And while this isn’t the most in-depth of surveys with an acceptable number of people polled, the results are certainly telling. Most of you would prefer going with classic styles because it is tried-and-tested (nothing wrong with that), colour plays an important role when deciding on the bag (because being really sensible you would want it to be suitable for the workplace as well) and if you’re going to spend a fair amount of money, it has to be from a reputed luxury house, of course. The 3 picked? Balenciaga’s City, Givenchy’s Antigona and Saint Laurent’s Sac Du Jour.

In other words, when it comes to investment pieces, we usually play it safe. Also, if you were asked the same question, which investment piece from NET-A-PORTER would be your choice?

‘I love the gold trims and the size of this bag. Looks elegant to me.’
Balenciaga City, Carrie Ang, 35, Customer Service Officer 


‘It’s structured and it’s classic, perfect for work with the subtle hardware giving it that rebellious edge.’
Givenchy Antigona in Medium – Olivia Lim, 40, Editor


‘The silhouette is a timeless one, but the silver hardware details keep the bag from being boring but without being overly edgy.’
Saint Laurent Sac De Jour, Germaine Ong, Director, 32

Images: Bagaholicboy

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