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While the two previous posts were all about the all-new prints (Monogram Outdoors and Monogram Eclipse Split), this post is specially dedicated to the lover of all things black but still want in on Louis Vuitton’s Spring-Summer 2018 collection. And while some might think these pieces are boring or conservative, know that there’s absolutely nothing wrong with going back to black, especially when these pieces will always remain a classic in your wardrobe that you’ll most definitely use over and over again.

Of the six seen in the video above, 3 come in Louis Vuitton’s familiar Taiga leather. It’s a durable cowhide leather with a beautiful grain and has the ability to withstand most anything regular leather would fear, making it the perfect material for an everyday bag. The Apollo Backpack (SGD3450) and Cabas Light (SGD3550) are familiar pieces that were seen previously in Monogram Outdoors, only this time given the Taiga leather treatment. The cool black body is contrasted with the all-new Louis Vuitton white font type (seen on the side zip of the Cabas Light) and is priced just slightly higher than the canvas pieces of the Monogram Outdoors.

The third bag is the Messenger PM (SGD3100) which comes in a handy 21 cm by 17 cm. It’s fun and definitely roomy, and a great any day/every day slight messenger.

Next are a trio of accessories that will complement any outfit. First up, the Sand Rock Signet Ring (SGD755), which features a natural stone set in a silver ring, comes in 2 sizes (Medium and Large). The Tropical Flowers Necklace (SGD1070), on the other hand, is a cool piece that will go well with a Hawaiian-print shirt. Last but by no means least, the Split Bracelet (SGD385) is one that comes in a unique bi-colour split effect that’s totally eye-catching.

Also, take this as a final call for you to head on down to the special pop-up at Louis Vuitton’s Island Maison, which wraps up on 8 February 2018. You’ve got the entire weekend to do a final browse through, and if there are pieces that you love but are ‘out of stock’, you can always leave your name and contact with the SA, who will try and order in the piece you want for you. In other words, head down soon and grab them before it gets completely sold out. #happyshopping

Image: Bagaholicboy

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