Chanel Large Fabric Shopping Tote


There are days when Chanel bags are as typical as they get: fun, pretty, small. And then there are days when it might look something like this, unfamiliar and oversized. Which is honestly a great thing, especially if one is in the market for a large lightweight tote that measures some 57 cm across by 29 cm in height.

Made almost entirely out of fabric that comes woven with a large CC in the middle, it is finished with 2 pairs of calf leather handles, one to carry the tote as-is, another to ‘fold’ it up into a hobo of sorts. Perfect for those looking for an unconventional shape (or the guys looking for something rugged), it is priced at SGD4700, which is by the way as typical as it gets when it comes to prices for Chanel.

Image: Chanel

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