Moynat S/S18 Cabotin


I know I know, I recently waxed lyrical about Moynat’s latest addition, the Cabotini, but if I really had to pick a favourite from the same family, it would still be the original Cabotin. Measuring some 25 cm by 15.5 cm by 8 cm, its shape is inspired by vintage trunks from Moynat, though frankly it does remind me of lunch boxes used by workmen from the days of yore.

And with a shape so unique, you’ll be hard-pressed to find another bag out there in the marketplace today that has the exact same style. That aside, there’s the need to extoll the stunning natural cow leather it comes in, polished to perfection with a sheen that will glimmer every time you’re out and about with this little stunner.

Available in a variety of permanent colours (there’s Black, Brown Mahogany, Pacific, Pale Pink, Saffron Yellow, and Taupe), as well as seasonal hues ever so often, like the one above in Groseille, the French word for currants/raspberries which also gives you a better idea of the bag’s actual shade. Available soon at Moynat Singapore that’s located within Takashimaya Shopping Centre (just across from Céline), it is priced at SGD6100. Yes, that’s also a pretty penny, but head down and let its craftsmanship and quality convince you otherwise. Like it did for me.

Image: Moynat

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