Hermès Birkin35 In Printed Swift Calfskin


Let’s be honest, once you see a Birkin you’ve pretty much seen them all, since they all pretty much look the same, save for the different leather hues they come in. Yes, you could argue that they come in different sizes and all, but the look is still pretty standard. And yes, you could say that there are those unusual ones that come woven in straw or covered in fur, but those are usually a) priced beyond what any regular human being can afford and b) really hard to come by in the first place.

Till this one came along, of course.


From their Spring-Summer 2018 collection comes this Birkin 35 in printed Swift calfskin, which at first glance is like your regular Birkin, except for that clever play of colours that gives the bag its fresh-as-paint good looks. This one, primarily in yellow with a light blue and black border (sorry, I’m no expert when it comes to naming specific H colours) is certainly fun, and one that will perk up most any outfit. I love it, but I’m hoping for a Birkin 40 in grey with a black/red trim. Or an olive with a trim that comes in black/grey. What about you?

Images: Hermès

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