Louis Vuitton Holiday 2017 Gift Ideas


If another LV bag is not what your loved one wants, and her/his drawer is already full of SLGs and other accessories, why not pick from these more interesting gift ideas instead? From Louis Vuitton’s The Art Of Gifting 2017 catalogue, there is something for almost everyone if you are willing to splurge. Not convinced? Read on.

For starters, nothing screams Louis Vuitton more than these notepads that are bound in Epi leather. Available in two sizes (the PM and the MM), the Gustave comes in Gold or Silver this season and retails for SGD220 and SGD280. And if you’re going to be entry-level as far as LV’s gifts are concerned, these are it.


Looking for something cute? There’s Teddy Louis, made up of Monogram Canvas and leather that’s priced at SGD910. Know a kid (or a kid at heart) who’s deserving of a leather toy truck? Well, that will just set you back by SGD1110. But if you’re looking for something a little more practical, how about a pair of leather/Monogram Canvas valet trays? SGD710 for the PM size, SGD790 for the MM size. Not bad, not bad at all.


Want to up your game of ping-pong? How about a set from Louis Vuitton then? 4 balls, two paddles and a pair of Monogram Eclipse covers. Just SGD3100. Or maybe a skipping rope. Yes, not kidding. And it will set you back by just SGD745. Next we got something for your Christmas tree. Yes, I’m talking about leather ornaments that will beat your neighbour’s ones from TANGS anytime. Full leather, sold as a pair, at SGD625 a set. Seriously though, at those prices, the ornaments better sing holiday carols and make you hot chocolate come Christmas morning. But I digress.


Rounding up the gift selection is this plastic and leather-bound keepsake box that’s good for most anything. Loose change, cotton balls, you name it, it will work. And it better, since this beauty will set you back by SGD1280. I know, I know, it’s extravagant, but hey, it’s also Christmas. Live a little, ok?

Images: Louis Vuitton

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