Louis Vuitton: Duplex Store Now Open At Changi Airport Terminal 3


It’s been something I’ve wanted to see happen in Singapore for a long time, especially since having discovered one at Seoul’s Incheon International Airport a couple of years back. Yes, Louis Vuitton has finally opened a store at Changi Airport’s Terminal 3 Departure Transit Hall and it’s right smack in the middle. In other words, the moment you clear immigration you’ll be greeted with a two-storey digital-enabled facade that measures some 6.5 metres in height.

Still not impressed? Well, walk into the store and you’ll be greeted with a life-sized replica of a French plane from the 30s because fittingly, it is located within one of the best airports in the world. And if that still doesn’t get you excited, what about the fact that this store is truly unique in terms of what it offers, from RTW, bags, SLGs and even accessories for both men and women, with the stature and size that’s unlike the usual luxury offerings you’ll find within Changi Airport (or any other international airport for that matter). And if this still doesn’t make you dizzy with joy, you are probably dead on the inside.

Images: Louis Vuitton

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