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We all know the power of accessories and its ability to make or break an outfit, and with 2018 almost upon us, here’s the good news. We’ve got six different #wristcandy pieces (and a choker) lined up from Hermès that you can wear every day of the week and as far as the Parisian label is concerned, you can always count on them to create cool, statement-making pieces that are all iconic in their own right.

Kick off Monday with the super chic Collier De Chien bracelet in Barenia calfskin to show them who’s Boss. On Tuesday, keep things bright and colourful with an all-leather Cuff in Swift calfskin on hand, that’s sure to turn any frown upside down. And to get over that bumpy Wednesday hump, the Passage Cloute bracelet is sure to add just the right amount of shine to brighten your day.

Thursday beckons, and it’s a day where you keep yourself relaxed because the weekend is nearing. Wrist candy of choice? The Bracelet in etched palladium finished with Sombrero calfskin. Friday! You’re almost done with the work week, and you’re thinking about a statement-making piece. Slip on the enamel-hinged bracelets in Bandana Flacons print and you’re good to go.

What about the weekends, you ask? Well, it’s all about you, being you, so go ahead and waltz into your favourite mall on Saturday with the Passage Cloute Choker that’s a guaranteed head-turner for all the right reasons. As for Sunday, it’s a time for you to rest and rejuvenate the soul, with a solid cup of coffee on hand. On the other, wear the Navy Bracelet in a mix of Chamonix and Swift calfskin which is the perfect fuss-free number on the day of rest.

If you need even more convincing, know that accessories stay on you the entire day as you chug through morning to lunch and even sometimes late into the evening. Which also means switching them up every day of the week seems only right. Not only does the right accessory set the mood and tone of the day, God forbid you get caught wearing the same bracelet on consecutive days.

Image: @walnutcrust for Bagaholicboy

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