Louis Vuitton Nanogram Phone Ring Holder


The name pretty much explains itself, but for those who still need a detailed account, this is the Nanogram Phone Ring Holder from Louis Vuitton that you attach to the back of your, err, phone or phone case. Pictured above on a pair of Apple leather iPhoneX phone cases, they are available in two colours (Gold and Silver), the good news is that you now have another affordable Christmas stocking stuffer option if you so need one.

The bad news? They won’t be available in Singapore, so you have to head to Hong Kong (HKD2400), the United Kingdom (GBP180), Europe (EUR195) or the States (USD290) to get one.

UPDATE: 26 March 2018
Just so you know (and if you still have to get one), the Nanogram Phone Ring Holder in both colours are now available in Singapore and priced at SGD395 apiece. #happyshopping

Image: Apple & Louis Vuitton

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  • Jade says:

    I don’t know if I’m becoming stingy but HKD2400 for a phone ring holder is not cheap, at least for me. One thing is for sure as a ring holder user myself I am definitely considering getting one.

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