L’Atelier FRED: Personalise Your Very Own Force 10 Bracelet


First designed in 1966, FRED’s Force 10 bracelet is one that bears elements of the sea. For starters, there’s the nautical-inspired buckle, while the woven strap very much resembles that of braided marine cables. 50 years on, the Force 10 bracelet has certainly come a long way, but the French jeweller shows no signs of stopping as far as innovation is concerned. Case in point? The all-new made-to-measure service that’s now also available in Singapore.


Simply known as L’Atelier FRED, the personalisation process begins within a specially designed box, where clients are given a set of blocks that essentially represents different components of the bracelet that can be customised to his/her whim and fancy. Placing the blocks onto the tray in front of the screen will show you how all the different components come together as the rendered image of your one-of-a-kind design will be shown on the screen for you to get a visual of how it will look.


The 4-step process starts with the Buckle, where you will get to choose the gold (for example, white gold or yellow gold), whether you want diamonds on it, or even a lacquer finish, with over a thousand colours to choose from. Next will be the customisation of the fastening, which works the same way as the buckle. Moving on, you will get to choose from a choice of coloured cables that include braided leather and woven steel, for example, which also functions as the Force 10′s bracelet strap.

Last but by no means least, no personalisation service would be complete without the addition of your name/initials, which can be done on the Force 10’s buckle. The great thing about using this ‘magic box’? You get to see your complete design before it is sent for production. Officially launched at the FRED Boutique at Marina Bay Sands on 16 November 2017, you can head on down today and create your very own Force 10 bracelet that you’ve always wanted.

Images: FRED

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