Gucci Rhyton Leather Sneakers


Remember this? The image I cobbled together on Photoshop when I first laid my eyes on Gucci’s very own ugly ‘Dad’ sneakers? Well, it’s officially here, and it is known as the Rhyton Leather Sneakers from the Cruise 2018 collection. Made of full leather that’s then intentionally distressed for that used, vintage look, it also sports a thick chunky sole that’s actually super retro.

Available in 3 different designs, there’s the one above (ok ok, the actual one doesn’t have the part of the Gucci logo being printed on the sock, but you know what I mean), another with a large Gucci logo that’s splayed across the side of the shoe, and finally one that’s totally plain with no logos.


Priced at SGD1210 for the pairs with the logos and SGD1110 for the one without, they should already be arriving on our sunny shores any moment now so it is best you scoot down to Gucci ION Orchard, Marina Bay Sands or Paragon to get your pre-orders in. Because these sneakers, love them or not, will definitely be sold out.

Images: Gucci

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