Gucci Cruise 2018 Leather & Nylon Sneakers

I’ve said it once (or was it 342 times?) and I’m going to say it again. Designer sneakers are here to stay. And as the trend builds continually with more and more houses pushing out their own versions of sneakers worthy of Instagram, you can either fall in and get with it, or walk away. Walk away, get it?

And as far as Gucci is concerned, cool sneakers have been a staple since Alessandro Michele took over. From the GG Supreme sneaker line to the Ace leather sneaker and Cruise 2018’s latest Rhyton, you can say that Gucci has the formula down pat when it comes to making a kickass sneaker. But if Ace is too fancy and Rhyton’s too chunky, how about this new one that’s styled after retro sneakers of the past.

Pretty much ticking all the right boxes, colours play an important role in this style with the Italian luxury label’s signature colours complete with a Sylvie web detail on the side. And aside from the good mix of leather and nylon, each sneaker comes with suede detailing on the sides and finished with a thick rubber sole.

Available in three predominant colour schemes (Green, Red and Yellow), Gucci’s Leather & Nylon Sneaker isn’t available on our local shores but that does not mean you can’t get your hands on them either. If you’re travelling to say, UK or Italy soon, you can get a pair from the boutiques where they are priced at GBP450 or EUR495 respectively. The good news? You could very well be the only one in Singapore rocking this brilliant Gucci silhouette while you are out and about in the streets.

Image: Gucci

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