Gucci: Celebrating The Holidays With Ignasi Monreal


With every brand going out in full force for the holiday season, it’s literally a battle of the most eye-catching campaigns to capture your attention and hopefully, empty your wallets. Well, Gucci’s back with an even more amazing campaign than before, one in collaboration with Spanish artist Ignasi Monreal who created a fantasy world inspired by the tale of Icarus. Featuring RTW, bags, shoes and accessories that are now available in stores, the choices are truly endless whether you’re man, woman or Greek mythical figure.

Besides the campaign, you can also download the Gucci app for more fun. Guccification yourself by taking selfies and adding fun stickers that you then upload to Instagram. Check out the Book of Gifts for even more shopping options. There’s even an added special feature called The Cabinet of Curiosities that you’ll only get access to by scanning a special sticker that you’ll only find on the windows of Gucci boutiques around the world. Last but not least, there’s a virtual reality video narrated by Ignasi himself as he brings you into his world of art and expression.

In other words, whether you want to shop or while away your time discovering this new world that’s the rejuvenated Italian luxury house, Gucci’s got you covered.

Images: Gucci

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