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If your first thought after reading the title was why is a jewellery brand launching a home and accessories collection, it’s actually no surprise at all for Tiffany & Co. Why? Well, for 180 years and counting, Tiffany has been the go-to name for unique gifts and accessories, and aside from its stunning jewellery pieces, the jeweller has always had an extensive catalogue of eclectic and unique gifts like cutlery and glassware for the home.

Still not convinced? Just head over online to Tiffany and you will find Gifts alongside its signature jewellery collections. In other words, Tiffany’s all-new Home & Accessories collection isn’t exactly new but an extension that only seeks to put luxury in the everyday that’s not just limited to special occasions.


Recreated with the finest of materials, the Home & Accessories collection captures form, function and quality that’s executed to perfection by Tiffany & Co.’s Chief Artistic Officer, Reed Krakoff. Handcrafted by Tiffany’s team of experienced artisans, the collection will include everyday objects like a protractor and ruler, from pieces you will use on the drawing board to a sterling silver cup and crazy straws for days when paper or plastic ones are too mainstream. And it doesn’t just end there; the collection extends to a teddy bear, sterling silver banks and even keepsake boxes.

As for leather goods, you can expect a special Tiffany Shopping bag in high quality Italian leather that’s hand-finished with T-shaped hardware accents as well as a 6-piece travel collection with Globe-Trotter, these pieces hand-finished with Tiffany’s signature blue on the leather trims.


Fun, whimsical but very much functional in your everyday life, these items are also Tiffany through and through. Launching in stores locally from November 2017 albeit on a smaller scale in Singapore for now, the Home & Accessories Collection would make the perfect Christmas present for your loved one, because who wouldn’t love to come home to an entire table full of sterling silver accessories, along with a teddy bear, right?

Images: Tiffany & Co.

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