Moynat Spring-Summer 2018 Nano Réjane & Gabrielle


You know me, I’ve always been a fan of the whole ‘smaller than smaller, cuter than cute’ when it comes to bags. And with Moynat launching these adorable miniatures come 2018, I’m already hyperventilating with excitement as countdown in my head (and heart) ticks nonstop. Known simply as the Nano Réjane and Nano Gabrielle, they are so small they can easily fit into the palm of your hand, finished with a longer than long leather sling strap you can use to tie around its bigger sister’s top handle, or put it over your head and wear it like a necklace.


To be made available in Box Calf leather as well as exotics like lizard in a wide variety of colours, the only thing I need to find out now is a) how much they cost and b) when they’ll hit Singapore’s Moynat boutique at Takashimaya Department Centre. Because you know I’m jolly well going to get one. Or 3. Because also, more is more.

Images: Moynat

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