Hermès Large Jige Duo Wallet


There isn’t much about the Large Jige Duo Wallet from Hermès I can tell you that you don’t already know. Anchored with a single letter in leather, it is easily one of the French luxury house’s most recognisable pieces around. Sold as a two-in-one, you get the main wallet (shown above) as well as an additional leather insert that fits nicely within – this comes with 4 credit card slots and a zip compartment that you can use on its own, or with the main wallet.

Measuring 20 cm across by 12.5 cm in height, it comes in Swift calfskin and is priced at USD3650. And yes, we had this conversation before about how pricey Hermès wallets are in general. But believe you me, once you bite the bullet and get one, there’s no turning back.


Besides being available in regular leathers, there are some that will come in exotic alligator. Yes, you read that right, exotic alligator. In the most stunning of colours like Bleu Indigo and Vanille. All for the price of USD18,800 apiece. Enjoy.

Images: Hermès

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