Fall-Winter 2017 Womens Chanel: Meet The ‘Space’ Bags

When Chanel does a thematic collection, they commit all the way. And with their Fall-Winter 2017 collection, it’s quite literally To Infinity and Beyond! with the bags that won’t look out of place in The Jetsons or in say, 2025. Yes there are regular 2.55, Boy Chanel and Flap Bag pieces up for grabs, but why be regular when you can go to the moon and back with the more unique bags from the collection, right?

So without further ado, let’s jet off into space with Chanel, starting with the first one that kinda looks like the rain shower you have at home. Or a hovering spacecraft, if you let your imagination go. Measuring some 22.5 cm by 11.5 cm, this exotic python evening bag (SGD8140) comes finished with ruthenium-tone metal hardware and tiny silver chains that the app kirakira+ will go crazy over.


Next up, two more flying vessels (I mean, bags), on the left we’ve got Chanel’s minaudière-of-the-season that’s so expensive I temporarily developed amnesia. Shaped like a space rocket complete with Coco Chanel herself sitting in the cockpit with shiny silver tassels that mimic the rocket’s exhaust plume. On the right, there’s another evening bag that’s exactly the same as the first one, except this is shaped like a circle. Measuring 19 cm across, it is priced at SGD9770.


And because there’s really no point jetting off into space if not to explore new planets, Chanel has you covered with this pair of orb-shaped evening bags. Resembling planets (use your imagination, remember?), these resin-cast bags come adorned with all manner of brass, crystals and strass. Pretty.


Yes, it is a tweed 2.55, which I said earlier is just ‘regular’. But look at the detailing on this particular one and you’ll definitely forgive me. In a word? Stunning.


Last, but by no means least, the one bag that’s actually pretty normal. Yes, it is a large shopper tote, and one that’s made mostly of knit. Adorned with metallic lambskin and silver-tone hardware, the 39 cm by 37 cm is one that’s also pretty functional, costs just SGD5530 and if you ask me, will still look relevant when 2025 actually rolls by. Really.

Images: Chanel

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