Fall-Winter 2017 Le Carré Hermès Collection


Aside from Hermès’ well-crafted leather goods, silk scarves are most likely the other category that gets us all excited, and with a selection that gets updated season after season, who can blame us? Why are they so popular? Besides being made in the most delectable prints that come in the most luxurious fabrics in the most substantial proportions (I’m obviously a fan), they are easily recognisable from afar. In other words, wear an Hermès scarf and I’ll be able to spot you a mile away.

And for their Fall-Winter 2017 collection, Hermès’ silk scarves focus on the fun side of things, because there’s nothing better than wrapping yourself in a bright and vivacious scarf when days get cold, or when the office is perpetually cold. The Le Carré collection (also known as the ‘Square’) comes in 3 sizes, the 70 cm by 70 cm, 90 cm by 90 cm and 140 cm by 140 cm. Not only does the shape make it easier to fold around the neck in a symmetrical silhouette, it is also the perfect backdrop for bright and bold prints that fit perfectly within.

And because this post wouldn’t be complete without a selection of my favourite pieces, well, here you go.


There’s something about the juxtaposition of the items within or the arrangement of the bold graphic prints that’s just alluringly beautiful. Besides, even if you’re not one to wear scarves, there’s no harm getting one (the hard part is actually choosing one) to frame up and stare at all day, all night.

Images: Hermès

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