Dior Cruise 2018 ‘Friendship Bands’


If Balenciaga can sell Crocs and LV can sell Stranger Things tees, then it should not come as any surprise that Dior will be selling ‘friendship bands’ soon as part of their Cruise 2018 collection. Yes, you’re not seeing things, those are really friendship bands that we all grew up with, along with the braided tassels that trail out from the ends. Available in 8 different colour combinations which means you’ll definitely find something you like, here’s the punch line. They cost SGD360 a pair. No, that isn’t a typo, or an extra zero, a pair of these friendships bands do really cost three hundred and sixty dollars.


Why? I don’t know really, but I could make something up to justify it for you. Hand-woven by virgin artisans on looms made of bones from extinct mammoths who work high up on the Andes, they are made with 100% organic cotton that’s only grown on the highest altitudes of the mountains where virile young men have often sacrificed their lives harvesting the cotton.


Or, because they are Dior, and since when is anything from Dior inexpensive, but honestly I like my made-up story better.

Images: Dior

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