Chanel F/W17 Embossed Nylon Backpack


If you want something designer that doesn’t scream designer (paradox, I know), then why not check out Chanel’s new F/W17 Embossed Nylon Backpack? Having had the chance to test-drive this baby all the way to Paris recently courtesy of Chanel, it’s rather sturdy, super lightweight and looks as good as it gets as far as backpacks are concerned.

Slightly puffy, reminiscent of Chanel’s other perennial bag collection, the Cocoon, these F/W17 backpacks don’t have any logos anyway, instead the letters C-H-A-N-E-L are embossed onto the nylon. And unless you’re standing really close to one, you won’t even see the word proper, which is why I mentioned the whole ‘something designer that doesn’t scream designer’ bit earlier.


Available in 2 sizes, the backpacks are definitely unisex, with the larger one (shown above) measuring some 44 cm in height by 34 cm across. Besides the main compartment that can only be accessed by the zip that goes around the top, there’s an additional front pocket as well for those additional bits and bobs.

The smaller size that measures 38 cm by 30 cm is exactly the same, but comes without the front pocket. Because it’s smaller, it’s also cheaper and it comes in at SGD3910. The larger one? SGD4720. As far as colours are concerned, you can choose from Metallic Black, Metallic Navy and Metallic Silver, with the first two colours being my firm favourites. All are available now at Chanel boutiques at Marina Bay Sands and Takashimaya Shopping Centre, so here’s another #lifehack for you. Tell your man you’re getting this bag to share with him because it is unisex, it justifies the cost but you know (and I know) that you’ll be the only one using it. Clever, right?

Images: Chanel

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