Céline Box Clasp Bag in Spazzolato 


Ladies these days have a pretty long list of criteria when it comes to finding the perfect bag. For one, the bag has to be eye-catching from the get-go. It has to be special (if it comes in limited quantities, even better) and unique, especially if it possess a truly interesting silhouette. It has to have a solid build so that it can stand perfectly still on its own, which will certainly help if you’re gunning for that perfect #instaworthy shot.

Presenting Céline’s Box Clasp Bag, a bag with an interesting silhouette that’s essentially two popular bag shapes combined into one. The top half opens like a drawstring pouch and comes finished with a wide leather wrist strap for you to hand carry the bag. The bottom half is a basically a box that’s opened via the gold clasp and also the reason why this is part of the Clasp line.

Made up of Spazzoloto leather that’s basically brushed polished leather, it measures some 11 cm by 17 cm and comes in 2 colours, Black and Red. And even though it retails for SGD4350, it is currently sold out in Singapore. Not all hope is lost though, because if you want it, you just have to head to our local Céline boutiques and see if they are able to transfer one in from another country just for you.

Image: Céline

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