Moschino x My Little Pony Capsule Collection


The King of animation-themed collaborations is back, this time with a limited edition line-up that features a character most of you out there will be familiar with, My Little Pony. After the Looney Tunes and the Power Puff Girls comes the tiny horse with long flowing hair, which on any other planet would be bizarre, but here on Earth it’s just adorable. Super cute. Even though I was often creeped out watching my classmates brush their pony’s hair in class but what do I know, right?

Now available in Singapore at Moschino boutiques in Marina Bay Sands and Paragon, there are many different pieces to choose from, from RTW (think tees and sweaters) to bags and accessories. As far as the bags are concerned, the two cutest of them all have got to be the pony-shaped backpack (SGD1660) that’s made of 100% polyurethane and the lunchbox-inspired box bag that’s 100% polyester (SGD1760). Then there are the iPhone6/iPhone7/iPhone6Plus/iPhone7Plus cases, which retail for SGD90 each. Made of, you guessed it, 70% polycarbonate and 30% polyurethane, it seems like all the bags and accessories in this collaboration are made entirely out of plastics, perhaps an homage to those freaky four-legged dolls that were made out of the same materials as well.

My Little Pony, My Litle Pony.

Image: Moschino

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  • Di says:

    They do. I got mine online from their official website, they do ship to SG now!

  • Leila says:

    Hello there, went to Moschino boutique at Paragon but they mentioned that the phone cover is not available there. They said it is available at MBS but only for iPhone 7. They were also not helpful to provide more details as to when/if there will be covers available for iPhone 7 Plus.

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